How to Stay Healthy and Thrive While Working From Home

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Does working from home sound like a dream come true? How do you stay healthy and thrive while working from home.

Well, after working from home for a little over a month, I realized that it’s not that easy. And building healthy habits while working from home is crucial.

It’s so easy to roll over and prop open your laptop, but how much work are you getting done? Are you making the most out of your time?

Now that I have nowhere to go and so much time for myself, it’s the best time to focus on my blog since I am not working at my second job.

Or so I thought.

You see, I’m loving the idea of not having to get up so early. Not having to dress up for the day, pack my lunch, or go to work at 9 AM and come back at 11 PM after working both jobs. But with all this time, what am I really doing?

I am waking up later, eating way too many snacks, and skipping out on my workouts. That’s the truth. 

I am feeling lazy, unmotivated, and quite disappointed in myself. 

But we aren’t here to play games anymore, nope. So after two weeks of working from home, I decided to get myself together and get some healthy habits going to stay fit and healthy while working from home.

Below is a list of healthy habits that are helping me stay fit and healthy while working from home.

Open your windows

Waking up to natural like is the best feeling ever. It always reminds me of my time in Hawaii, gosh waking up to the sun, the mist of the ocean, and birds, take me back already!

But back to being in quarantine, after a while, I found myself leaving my curtains closed at night, and when the morning would come, I couldn’t tell day from night. Those curtains sure do a great job of blocking sunlight.

I started waking up later, groggier and feeling rushed because I knew I had to start working and finish up my workout. 

Before you go to bed, open your curtains so that when the sun comes up, the natural sunlight can wake you up in the morning.

healthy habits for working from home

create a morning routine

Ever since I read The Miracle Morning in 2017, I’ve tried to make the mornings about myself first.

The day can quickly start with you serving others without even knowing it. You wake up, get on social media, check your emails, and go through texts.

I’m not perfect, so while I don’t always follow the routine, I would like, working from home right now reminds me how beneficial it is to have a morning routine.

Emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes before you usually get going in the morning. Write in a journal, meditate, or get a good stretch in.

Remove distractions

For me, it’s easy to get distracted by my phone while I’m working. If something comes up at work and I know it’ll take me a while, I’ll tell myself I need a break before I get started. 

In the long run, my workday ends up lasting longer than it should. All because I filled it up with unnecessary breaks.

So, I’ve recently moved my working space to the garage where the treadmill is. It’s not the best set up, but it works. I’ll walk and work while listening to music. 

It’s been helping me stay focused and productive before it’s time for me to eat.

Set increments of time where you won’t have any distractions at all, even 15 – 20 minutes goes a long way. 

Plan breaks

I know it’s so easy to snack every hour of the day. I did this up until I finally realized I wasn’t having proper meals.

Create a schedule for yourself and pick a time frame that works for you—a time where you can remove yourself from work to cook and eat without distractions. 

Lately, I’ve been taking a break starting from either 11:30 AM/12 PM for about an hour. An hour is almost always enough time for me to listen to a podcast episode, cook, and watch a little t.v or read a book.

It’s also helped me snack less throughout the day and feel energized.

get a workout in

With all the gyms being closed right now, it’s tough finding the motivation to workout from home. Or at least it started that way for me.

Check out how I’ve been able to commit to my home workouts.


If working from home is something you’re not used to, its easy to fall and create bad habits. I’m personally trying to get back in shape, and after two weeks of acting like a fool, I decided it was time to switch things up a whole lot. 

Waking up with a morning routine, creating a better work schedule, planning my break times, and getting a workout in at home is helping a lot.

Tell me, what are some bad habits you see yourself doing that you weren’t doing before working from home?


How to live a healthy lifestyle tips
How to live a healthy lifestyle tips

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