How to Get Your Groove Back in the Gym After a Long Break

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how to get back in the gym after a long break

How do you get back to the gym after a long break? 

And how does one day off turn into two months off?

If you haven’t stepped foot in the gym because of quarantine or because of LIFE, well, I get it. We’ve all been there. We’ve taken more days off from the gym that we would’ve liked to, but now you’re ready to go back.

You’re ready to crush it, feel sore, and give it 110%.

But before you do, I want to let you in on a couple of tips you should know before you head back to your gym after a long break.  

Practice, Practice, Practice, 

I started working out from home three weeks after quarantine, and while I’ve learned to love my workouts, there’s nothing like getting in the gym and lifting weights.  

But first things first, I know sometimes we can take the term “Go hard or Go home” way too literal. 

Which is why when you get back in the gym, don’t aim to go back to your old workout routine or get discouraged when you can’t lift as much as you used to, that’s normal. Instead, practice on re-familiarizing yourself with each lifting movement and not the amount of weight you’re packing onto the barbell. 

Don’t aim for Soreness after every workout

“Go hard, or Go home,” NOT!

It can be exciting getting back in the gym after taking such a long break. You almost feel like a little kid in a candy store. Hopping from one machine to another and doing all these random exercises you’ve never even done before, but are today because…

how to get back in the gym after a long break

You’re BACK in the gym after a long break!

You intentionally aim to feel sore because you think it’s a sign of a great workout.

But, being sore does not mean you had an effective workout. If anything, you’re seriously setting yourself up for no good. 

You’ll be so sore the next couple days that it’ll hurt to walk, use the bathroom, drive, laugh, sheesh almost do anything, and that includes going back to the gym the next day.

Your first week back in the gym will turn into one day back in the gym and six days of recovery. 

Instead, take it easy, follow a workout routine, and focus on practicing your moves like I mentioned above instead of feeling sore. 

Resist temptation & Take it easy

Make sure to keep rest days during the week.

Some people may say that there’s no such thing as a rest day, but I disagree. Rest days are crucial for making progress. This is the time your body needs to rest, repair, and recover.

I recommend taking walks on your rest days, stretching, and/or foam rolling


Getting back in the gym after a long break can go right or wrong real quick. Especially right now since the gyms have been closed for a while now, but please take it easy.

Practice getting back in the rhythm of things, don’t aim for soreness, and take those necessary rest days.


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