The Best High Protein Vegetables (You Need to Be Eating These)

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high protein vegetables

Are you eating enough high protein vegetables?

high protein foods

I thought I’d make this post because, to be honest, I didn’t grow up eating many veggies. Not because I didn’t like them but because we didn’t really buy them at home.

But over the years, I’ve ventured out more, and now you can’t open the fridge without finds a least five different veggies.  

So, if you’re struggling to eat more vegetables, check out these tips on how you can sneak in more veggies every day.

P.S When giving you the amount of protein each vegetable has, I wanted to keep things realistic, so I chose 100 grams as the serving size all across the board. Why? Because to be honest, yeah, you can get 100 grams of protein from broccoli, but for a serving size of 450 grams, and no one or at least I can think of is going to eat that much broccoli in one sitting. Right?!

right! So, Let’s get into this high protein vegetable list.

rich protein packed vegetables

Okay, vegetables won’t give you 20+ grams of protein in one sitting like an animal protein or protein powder would, but that’s no the goal here. I simply want to teach you how you CAN add up protein from other foods, and in this case, its veggies!

Pair up any of these bad boys with your meals, and your protein intake will start to add up. Not only that, but you’ll also be packing in a ton of great vitamins and fiber.

Not to mention all the other benefits you can get from eating more vegetables like better skin, healthier bones, better mood, and energy! – those are just a few.

10. Mushrooms

1.5 grams of protein & 31 Calories

Try tossing them in with your eggs in the morning, sautee them with purple onions, sautee them with garlic or toss them in any pasta. The nutritional value of mushrooms is light & you can pretty much toss them in anything.

high fiber vegetable

9. Asparagus

2.2 grams of protein & 20 Calories

Ah, now, this is a vegetable I didn’t eat until I was in high school. I still remember it was at The Cheesecake Factory, haha! Nowadays, I like to drizzle olive oil on them and sprinkle sea salt and pepper on them and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice.

high protein vegetable

8. Spinach

2.4 grams of protein & 24 Calories

2.4 grams of protein in spinach. I think we all know its extremely easy to sneak spinach in pretty much anything. Quick tip, while 100 grams of uncooked spinach sounds like a lot 100 grams of cooked spinach, defies that. Put spinach in a smoothie, throw it in your eggs, toss it in a pasta, and even make a dip or a soup.

high protein vegetable list

7. Broccoli

2.8 grams of protein & 34 Calories

Ever since we got an air fryer, my life has changed. Broccoli is one of my favorite veggies to throw in there, just spray a little olive oil and add a dash of seas salt and omg you have perfection. Then you can dip it in some roasted red pepper hummus to make it even better. 

high protein low calorie vegetarian foods

6. Brussel sprouts

3.5 grams of protein & 41 Calories

I’ve heard they have a bad rep, but I love them, especially in the oven. This is also another vegetable I had never even heard of growing up. I also add olive oil and sea salt, haha I guess you can see my trend here is that I always like to keep things simple yet delicious, always delicious.

low calorie vegetarian food

5. Yellow corn

3.5 grams of protein & 82 Calories

Yummy! Okay, finally, a vegetable I did grow up eating but only because my family loves it tossed in rice or on a cob prepped Mexican style. Roast your corn for a sweet taste.

protein in vegetable chart

4. Peas

5.4 grams of protein & 81 Calories

These bad boys are packed with protein. Sprinkle peas in your rice, in your pasta, make a soup, or toss in a salad.

high protein vegetables

3. Lima Beans

8 grams of protein & 115 calories

You may question whether lima beans are a vegetable or a legume. They are technically legumes, but they are still part of the vegetable family because they have an excellent source of fiber and nutrients, like B vitamins. You can roast lima beans or make it into a hummus.

high protein vegetables

2. Edamame

12 grams of protein & 142 Calories

Edamame really is the perfect protein-packed vegetable. I love buying the frozen bag from Wegmans, sticking it in the microwave, and tossing it in a bowl with sea salt. Now, this is a snack you can snack on while watching a movie.

high protein vegetable

1. Soy Bean Sprouts

13.1 grams of protein & 128 Calories

Coming in first are Soybean sprouts with over 13 grams of protein, now I know 100 grams sounds like a lot, but even half of that still gives you over 6 grams of protein. I love these for their crunch. Try sauteeing them with soy sauce, sesame oil, chili powder, and sesame seeds.

bodybuilding vegetables

High Protein vegetable Conclusion

And that’s it. I hope this list helps you eat more vegetables and makes you aware of which vegetables can help you include even a tiny bit more protein in your diet. 

Let me know which vegetables are you already eating?

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high protein vegetables

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