23 Fitness Gift Ideas Your Athletic Friend Will Love

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Best Fitness Gifts for her

Are you struggling to come up with fitness gift ideas?

Have you been wondering what to get that fitness friend of yours?

Maybe she’s a beginner, a fitness enthusiast, or a fitness freak. 

women fitness gift ideas

Either way, you know she would love any fitness-related gift, but you want to get her something she’ll actually use, and unfortunately, this is not your area of expertise. 

Shopping stresses me out, which means that shopping for someone else stresses me out even more, AH! I can feel my shoulders tensing up already. 

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and want to crank out her gift shopping, in this post, I list 23 fitness gift ideas your fitness friend will love.

1. Gym bag

Because you can never go wrong with these, I would opt for something that holds well and can fit the essentials like a water bottle, a pair of sneakers, a change of workout clothes, resistance bands and maybe a jump rope

women fitness gift ideas

2. Water bottle

Preferably plastic-free (quick tip if there is a #7 on the bottom with a recycling symbol that means it has BPA – Avoid these)

3. Yoga mat

Home workouts have been a lifesaver ever since quarantine. They are perfect for working out at home, and it’s probably safer for her to carry her own if she’s taking any classes at her gym or taking her workout outside.

women fitness gift ideas

4. Foam roller

If she doesn’t own a foam roller or knows all the benefits of having one, she will thank you for this. Sometimes we forget to take care of our bodies outside the gym.

women fitness gift ideas

5. Hip thrust pad

She needs one end of the story. Not all gyms carry them, and if they do, they are probably worn out and not thick enough to get a good lift in. 

6. Jump rope

Jumping rope has got to be one of the best ways to get a quick little sweat in. Plus, it’ll come in handy on the days she can’t warm-up at the gym because all the machines are taken. 

This is a heads up for the upcoming overcrowded gym in the new year.

7. Membership Subscription

I made this its own category because I had a little too much fun coming up with all these great ideas. Plus, each month or however long you get the subscription or membership, she’ll be reminded why you’re such a lifesaver.

Auto-delivery vitamin shoppe

If you didn’t know, the vitamin shop offers an additional discount for doing up for their free delivery system. You can choose the product and set it into auto-delivery for whatever interval time frame you select. 

If you can save her a trip, do it, especially right now.

Meal kit delivery service

Is she in school, working two jobs, a busy mom? A girl can run on E for the longest and not say a word. It’s always nice to surprise someone with a ready and cooked meal. 

women fitness gift ideas

Subscriptions box

There are so many subscription boxes out there; its amazing. Check out this post with the 20 best monthly healthy subscription boxes.

Gym membership to certain perks

Get her a monthly membership to a yoga class, or check if you can upgrade her membership so she can take that class she’s been eying at her gym for a while now but hasn’t fit her budget.

yoga class

Spotify subscription for music

Music really does set the mood! If she’s still playing free music on her youtube, sign her up for a monthly music membership. This way, she can focus on her workout instead of finding the perfect song every 3 minutes or listening to ads when she’s in the middle of a set.

P.S make it fun and create a playlist for her.

8. Fitness Tracker

This is a healthy way to help her develop or manage her healthy lifestyle.

fitness tracker

9. Headphones

Listening to good music can help you get through a tough workout and even better give you a boost of energy when you most need it. And if she has a little anxiety over getting in the gym, this is a perfect way to block people out and get in the zone.

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10. Massage

Studies have shown that massages are a great way to reduce stress, reduce pain, and boost the immune system. 

11. Chiropractor 

Ok, probably not something you would’ve thought about, but remember when I mentioned the foam roller earlier? This is the upgrade. Check out a couple of local places near you and see if they are running any deals or check out Groupon – P.s make sure to run through the reviews first. 

12. Portable speaker

These are small, compact, and portable—the perfect way she can take her workout outside, in the gym, or in her room. 

portable speaker

13. Sneakers

If she’s working out with the wrong pair of shoes, help her out. 

14. Work out outfit

This is either underrated or overrated. I’ve always been a sweatshirt, and whatever workout pants I could type find kind of girl until on year, I was gifted a workout outfit. I’m telling you it does something – looking good does something, and you can never go wrong with a good pair of quality workout pants either.

Here’s a list of ideas:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Sports Bra
workout clothes

15. Gym towel

With the gym slowly opening up, you still want to be careful of all the germs we could possibly be exposed to. Help her be prepared by gifting her a set of gym towels to cover most surfaces of shared equipment she’ll be using at the gym.

16. Classes or event Tickets

Check out activities on Groupon like rock climbing, a 5k she may have been wanting to try, or hey maybe even dance classes like bachata or pole dancing. (that’s a workout).

17. Resistance bands

When working out at home or in the gym, she needs these. They’ve been proven to improve strength, size, and a great way to make sure the muscles are being worked. 

18. Weights

Home workouts have been slaying for months now. And after losing 15 pounds while working out at home with nothing more than a 15-pound dumbbell, trust me home workouts are underrated.

Free weights have been low stocked online right now because of the high demand due to not all gyms being open, so right now is the perfect time to keep your eye out for a set.

free weights

19. Blender

Because this is a lifesaver for anyone that’s always in a rush. 


20. New shaker bottle

Before you get one – make sure she’s not hoarding ten already. Other than that, a fitness lover can always appreciate a shaker bottle.

shaker bottle

21. Airfryer

These bad boys have been taking over every kitchen in America and are probably one of the best fitness gift ideas. And if she doesn’t already have one, she either doesn’t know about it yet or wants one. 

The convenience of frying food without the oil is priceless, and so is the time saved cooking in the kitchen. 

women fitness gift ideas

22. Food scale

Is she counting macros? Just now learning about macros? Or just plain hate the one she has right now?  

Check out this list of the 10 best food scales for tracking macros.

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23. Gift basket

Maybe you’re someone who likes to give a little bit of a lot. Make her a gift basket or use these as stocking stuffers.

Here’s a list of a couple of ideas:

  • Hair ties
  • face wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • deodorant
  • padlock
  • dry shampoo
  • gift card
  • post-workout snacks

Conclusions to the best fitness gifts

With this list, you’re ready to tackle your gift shopping trip.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Tell me, are there any other ideas you thought of along the way while reading this?

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23 Fitness Gift Ideas Your Athletic Friend Will Love

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