6 Reasons Why You’ll Never Lose Weight Drinking Alcohol (Unless…)

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Alcohol and Weight Loss

There’s an ongoing debate between alcohol and weight loss. Over the years, you’ve heard that if you want to lose weight, you have to stop drinking alcohol. But what if you don’t have to? And what’s the best alcohol to drink when trying to lose weight?

how to lose weight and still drink wine

Trying to lose weight in a social crowd can be tough, it can make you feel out of place, uncomfortable, or annoyed.

The worst part?

Now everyone knows you’re “on a diet.”

So, if you want to lose weight but aren’t exactly trying to give up alcohol if you don’t have to, you’ve come to the right place.

If you really want to stick to your weight loss journey, check out this list of 6 things you can do while drinking wine trying to losing weight.

1. Ditch the Screw it Mode

Ok, who isn’t down for a night out or chill night at home with a glass of wine? But have you heard the term go hard or go home? Well, that term does not apply to alcohol. Have a great night out or in but don’t let this be an excuse to go alcohol crazy and instead make sure to say hydrated and drink a glass of water between drinks.

2. Budget your calories

Planning goes a long way and another reason why I love counting macros for weight loss. Tweak your meals around a bit for the day because no one needs to feel stressed or guilty when drinking a glass of wine.

3. Fill your day up with protein and veggies

Speaking of tweaking your meals. Fill your plate up with more protein and veggies throughout the day. You will keep your stomach fed and happy with more voluminous foods. And you won’t be hungry at the end of the night begging the DD to take you through some drive-thru for $1 meal burgers.

how to lose weight

4. Skip out on the syrups and fruit juices

The real reason behind feeling bloated and drunk off two margaritas is the syrups and fruit juices they put in those drinks. Instead, ask for drinks on the rocks, with club soda, or if you really want a splash of juice, ask the bartender nicely if they freshly squeeze any of their juices and go for that. (don’t be a jerk, I bartended for five years myself).

Which alcohol is good for weight loss? Check out this list at Medical News Today for the calorie count of common drinks you’ve probably had.

5. Beware of the late-night food choices. 

If you followed tips number 2 and 3, then your will power will improve over time by the end of the night. Honestly, you’re probably not even hungry, but if it’s a habit that you and your friends drive downtown for the usual jumbo slice pizza, how can you not join?

Instead of going cold turkey, budget a portion of what you would typically eat late night into your calories. At first, my best friend and I started splitting the pizza in half, and eventually, I got to the point where I couldn’t even believe I crushed a 13 x 12-inch pizza by myself.

P.S drink tons of water before you give into junk food and take snacks if you know you need something to munch on.

alcohol and weight loss

6. Drink in moderation & have a good time

Wrapping your mind around weight loss can be a struggle, and it can be even tougher when you feel like you have to stop hanging out with your friends just because alcohol is involved. Don’t give in to the pressure of drinking if you don’t want to, but if you do drink, do so in moderation &, more importantly, guilt-free.

alcohol and weight loss

Conclusion for Alcohol and Weight loss 

Do you have any tips that you’re using to lose weight and not give up alcohol? Let me know. 

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6 Reasons Why You’ll Never Lose Weight Drinking Alcohol (Unless…)

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