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Gone on a Journey about me
Gone on a Journey about me

Did you know you were going to live your best life after college?

No more school, better money, maybe travel the world finally!

After graduating from college, I spent a month and a half outside the U.S., two weeks in Hawaii, and a month in Mexico. I felt an instant high being on an entirely different part of the world, and I wanted more of it.

Wait, it gets better. Once the summer was over, a friend referred me for a position at his job, and now I was making REAL money. I guess my definition of “real money” at the time was getting direct deposit into my bank account and not me depositing 60 $1’s, 40 $20’s and well you get it…

I was no longer relying on my weekend bartending tips to make a living.

But let me tell you what I was not expecting. After only working my 9-5 corporate job for less than two years, I was desperate for change.

I was active in the gym but only did half the work.

I was making more money, but I was also spending like my bank account survived off swiping my credit cards.

I had no clue that student loans were considered debt, and my money mindset was nonexistent.

I wanted to travel, but you guessed it. I had no money and no friends to go on a trip. I couldn’t sleep at night because I wasn’t happy. That’s when I decided to quit my corporate full-time job and travel on a one-way ticket to Costa Rica.

I had no idea what my plan was. All I knew was that my instincts were pulling me somewhere, and I couldn’t ignore them anymore. No, this is real. I had fought my desire to travel for almost a year and a half because who quits their perfect job, right?


It’s scary not to go after your dreams, and that’s why I created this blog. To show you how I did things and how I made so many mistakes along the way, some of which cost me a lot of money.

The world needs you to show up and when I finally showed up for myself I:

  • Backpacked all over seven countries, I was a stranger to for eight months by myself, where I got to taste-test my way through the markets of Nicaragua. Hike six hours through the trails of “La Tigra” in Honduras and swim in the crystal clear ocean of Costa Rica.
  • I lost over 20 pounds and got in the best shape I had ever been before, heck I could even do pull-ups.
  • And finally, I paid off $35,000 worth of debt in 8.5 months.


Because you want to get in the best shape of YOUR life the right way and keep it that way

Because you have the travel bug but are too scared to buy that plane ticket

Because you worry too much about the debt you owe


I teach you:

how to get in shape and enjoy doing so

have fun and travel like it’s no one’s business

and more importantly, save money and pay off debt so you can build a better life

While I’m still figuring things out, everything I publish here is actionable and designed to help you. Be a part of my journey, plus the ride makes the story even better.

I’m glad you ran into me, and if I can inspire you to go after what you want to like others inspired me, then I will.

Why is working out so hard? Not around here. Drop your info below and check your inbox for the FRee workout