3 Things You Need to Know About the Best Workout Program

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What does the best workout program look like anyways?

Have you ever bought a workout program, you were so excited to start it, and thought THIS is IT. This time I’m serious, I’m dedicated, and I have to do it. Yet a week later, the excuses start pouring out.

  • I worked overtime this week, so I had no time
  • I didn’t have my gym clothes with me
  • I couldn’t wake up this morning
  • My (insert body part) hurts so I can’t workout
  • I didn’t grocery shop so I’ll start next week

Of course, you have, I know I have. This happens to most of us, and I get it. It’s called life, which is why you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you tried to go 0 to 100 and failed.

Social media can do that to you. You’re always going to run into people posting things like “the best workout for your tummy,” “how to lose 10 pounds in 7 days,” or “the 100 squats a day challenge”. One minute you’re lying in bed scrolling through social media, and the next minute you’re trying to keep up with every little thing you see anyone super-fit online doing.

But you know what? None of it is going to work if you can’t do one thing.

And that one thing is to adhere to your workout program. Yes, actually stick to a workout routine.

So if you’ve always struggled to stick to a program, don’t worry, here’s are 3 things you need to know about the best workout program


Be realistic with your workout programs Timeframe

By timeframe, I mean, are you trying to get in shape for a wedding, summer, a competition, or life in general? I think we can all admit we’ve tried to find as many shortcuts as possible that’ll get us to the quickest results. But if you go from never hitting the gym to trying to work out 2 hours a day five times a week, you’re stirring up for a disaster. 

What happens when you can’t commit? You call it quits. 

Set yourself up with a program that matches a realistic time frame that works for you and whatever season of life you’re in. Don’t try and squeeze a 6-week workout program if an 8 or 12-week program works better for you. 

Set yourself up with a schedule

I know you’ve heard this one before, but I couldn’t keep this off my list. I’ve had many people ask me for help, and one of the first questions they ask me is, “how many times a week do I workout out” I think a better question would be “how many days are optimal to work out for YOUR lifestyle.”

Everyone is different. Of course, you can work out six days a week if you have no kids, one job, and someone that cooks for you every day. But what if you’re working two jobs, a mom, and do all the cooking and cleaning yourself. This doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goals.

Create a schedule that works for you. Start small and set time aside to workout on the days YOU believe you can do. Don’t create a schedule based on the number of days you think you SHOULD workout.


Let’s be honest. You’re not going to want to do something if it’s not fun, and you’re not enjoying it.  

I think this is one of the reasons I was always in some sort of fitness class or group (LA Boxing, Zumba, Crossfit) in my earlier years when I first started working out. The people motivated me, there was accountability, and when I didn’t fall off my workout kick after two weeks (the usual), I actually started noticing some progress. Who isn’t motivated by progress? Progress gets your juices flowing.

So, if you’re a beginner, it’s not about finding the “best workout” and following it to a T. Find a sustainable workout, a workout you can enjoy throughout the process.


Don’t beat yourself up if you couldn’t make it to the gym. Life happens, and of course, there will be days where your day looks like this. 

This is why creating a realistic schedule is important. 

Instead of focusing on the details of your workouts, focus on building a better mindset around flexibility. If today just so happens to be a day, you don’t feel like working out swap it out for one of your “easier workout days.” Life can be stressful; it’ll throw a couple of shots at you, for sure. But when it does, BOOM, you’ll still get your workout done.


It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to find the best workout. And I’m not saying that’s not important because it is, but what’s the use in having the perfect workout if you don’t do it?


So if you want to stick to your workout program, be realistic with your time, make sure it’s one you enjoy doing, and allow flexibility when life decides to get crazy on you! 

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